Links to other stuff I’ve written

(& other disability/access/benefits related pieces I’ve featured in)

MuckRack portfolio


Disability News Service – Two years on from Supreme Court bus ruling, protesters call for overdue action (interviewee)

Metro Labels series – On being called a scrounger for claiming disability benefits. 

Tickx – Guide to Accessible Theatres In London  (contributor)


Inside Housing – Access Denied (interviewee)

The Observer – More Than 1 Million Sanctions Imposed on Disabled People Since 2010 (case study)

Metro – Wheelchair User Slams Topshop for Filling Disabled Changing Room With Sale Stock (it’s me!)

Transport For All – TFL’s Access Problems


Buzzfeed – 10 Things I Learnt In My First 20 Months As A Wheelchair User

Abilities Magazine – My Wheelchair is not a Prison!

Transport For All – Still A Long Way To Go Until London Is Accessible

Buzzfeed – Disabled People Still Being Refused Access To Buses (interviewee)

The Guardian – Disability Diaries

The Guardian – Disability Diaries group interview (participant)